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Motorola T900

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Originally, a pager could only display numbers, but numeric pagers eventually gave way to alphanumeric pagers that delivered short text messages. Now, two-way pagers such as the Motorola Talkabout T900 can receive messages as well as write and send replies.

The T900 is part of the new breed of two-way pagers that can not only communicate with other two-way pagers, but also send and receive Internet e-mail. E-mail capability is important because not everyone has a two-way pager, but nearly everyone has an e-mail account. Note, however, that the T900 can only receive e-mail sent to a special e-mail address.

The T900 itself features an address book that can hold up to 250 entries, such as home and work phone numbers, a mobile phone number, a wireless pager number, and an e-mail address. There is no field for street addresses, but then again the pager is meant to be a communicator, not a personal organizer.

The unit is fairly small, measuring 0.9 inches high x 3.19 inches wide x 2.15 inches deep and weighing just 3.86 ounces. The four-line display limits you to just 80 characters on the screen at once, but text is large and easy to read.

The small 36-key QWERTY keyboard is good for its size. Although it looks funny and isn't exactly comfortable to type on, we were able to type out messages using our thumbs with only a few typos. A number of preprogrammed responses are available to quickly reply to messages, although you are free to write your own custom reply. The keyboard and the display are backlit, so you should have no problem sending messages in the dark.

One AA battery powers the unit for about three weeks, and the unit is able to retain messages while you switch batteries.

Unlike more advanced units such as the Timeport P935, the T900 doesn't contain any personal information management tools and can not synchronize with a desktop computer.

The T900 costs $179.99 and service runs from $9.95 to $29.95. Be sure to check the WebLink Wireless site (http://www.pagemart.com) for coverage information in your area.

source : Smartcomputing.com


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